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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are gym points and how do I get them? Gym points are our incentive program and each point you earn is worth $1.00 which can be used to buy any product in the gym except drinks from the cooler. You earn gym points every time you buy supplements and gear (10% which is stored in your account) you also earn points on member referrals! (25 points for any referral that joins for 6 mo. or more) 

Can I bring a guest with me to the gym? Yes, you can, we will give them a free pass for up to a week to try us out. After the week we hope your guest will want to join us and in that case, we will reward you with 25 points. (the only time guest are not allowed is during the after hours access times)

Do I have to be a gym member to get personal training? No, you do not have to be a member to get our top-notch training. In fact, if you do personal training three times a week or pay for group training a month in advance we will throw in the daytime gym access free!

Do any women work out at Total Fitness? Yes, we have women, men, boys and girls all who are looking to get a great workout in a supportive environment. We have the best members on the peninsula most of which are extremely supportive of one another. 

Is this one of those hardcore gyms where everyone yells and gets loud? YES! We love to yell encouragement when someone is trying for a personal best or just trying to get through a tough set. We promise never to kick you out for dropping a weight you were working hard to move! You need the extra help of chalk on a lift we carry it!